The Kokusai Nihon Bugei Rengokai is an organization dedicated to the preservation and continuation of classical as well as modern Japanese warrior arts. We strive to provide access to technical as well as historical information and sources of instruction in the arts as well as the promotion of friendship and cooperation among leaders and enthusiasts of the Japanese martial arts worldwide.

The KNBR is comprised of the following divisions: Jujutsu, Aiki-Budo, Karate-Do, Iaijutsu, Nihon Kobudo, Nihon Kempo, Goshinjutsu, Gendai Ninjutsu and Taihojutsu, and we're open to all respectable practitioners of Japanese oriented martial arts, regardless of system or previous & current affiliations. We offer membership, and provide our members many services including; access to training, seminars, opportunity for rank grading and recognition, school charters and listing on the World Head Quarters site.

We are a full service non-political organization, built on the principle of helping other martial artists grow. Among our objectives are the expansion of interest in Japanese Martial Arts, the establishment of communication, friendship, understanding and harmony among member chapters, the development of the minds and bodies of members and the promotion of global understanding and personal growth. 

The KNBR is not a Certificate / Diploma Mill. We make every effort to ensure that all of its members are quality martial artists. This being said, applications will be reviewed and accepted only after consideration and approval by the Kokusai Nihon Bugei Rengokai board.


Kokusai Nihon Bugei Rengokai:

Leon Major, Hanshi